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My Fitness/Perimenopause Journey

​In my roaring 20s and thriving 30s, my world revolved around fitness. I strutted into the scene by launching Florida's first pole fitness hub back in 2004. My sassy women's fitness empire blossomed into a trio of hotspots. However, come 2010, I hit pause on teaching to soak up precious moments with my dynamic duo of daughters. Zoom to 2018, a sudden craving for teaching struck me, and the Pilates Reformer stole my heart. Soon, I became the ultimate Pilates guru, certified in Mat, Reformer, and Chair techniques. My ever-evolving body and the studio vibes nudged me to stack up on certifications: TRX, Women's Strength Training, Hormones & Strength Training, and a bunch more - with my  Global Peri to Post Menopause Certification stealing the spotlight. These tools not only guided me through my own menopause maze but also delivered jaw-dropping results. It felt too good to keep to myself, so I whipped up a program to steer others through the rollercoaster of Peri to Post Menopause. Excited to spill the beans on my latest discoveries with you. But hey, enough about me - let's kickstart YOUR epic journey!​Heather has been featured on the following shows and magazines below as a fitness innovator and expert. 

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