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Hi, I’m Heather Chaney 

I am an entrepreneur, certified fitness coach, motivational speaker, entertainer, and certified menopause coach and mom of two.   My diverse background gives me a unique approach to coaching. I have been performing as the legendary Marilyn Monroe for over 20 years traveling world wide for Fortune 500 companies.  However, when I am not performing, I love teaching others how to find their healthiest, sexiest self.  I have performed for many venues that cater to the 50+ communities.... and I have seen both sides of aging. Those who are restricted in their way of life due to their health and those who thrive as they age.  And if I am not performing for this age bracket I am teaching and training them. 


  I have decided how I want to age and go through menopause. I don't just want to survive it, I want to thrive while going through it and beyond. And I know you can too!  I am here to help you create your ideal 2nd half of your life from the INSIDE out.  I love connecting and making people laugh through the messy parts of life, and peri- post menopause is no exception!  Let's dig in and find the best way to help you rediscover the version of you who isn't constantly fatigued, stressed, bloated, cranky and sweating. She IS in there... and I am here to help! 


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