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How you move today is setting the stage for how you will move years from now. It MATTERS!


What you think and how you feel about the changes happening is EVERYTHING!! 


What you feed your body will either work for you or against you.  And there are no crazy diets in my coaching.  Your body needs real food!

Feeling like a superhero juggling it all while your body plays a game of falling dominoes?
Between wrangling kids, managing a household, holding down a job, and maybe caring for parents, it's a whirlwind! Transitioning into menopause can feel like adding a cherry on top of your already full plate, making it easy to lose sight of your own well-being. Let's face it, even as a coach who knows the drill, I sometimes forget to prioritize self-care!

In today's fast-paced world, we're expected to wear multiple hats, leaving our minds and bodies running on overdrive. And here's the kicker - all this while our hormones are taking a natural nosedive. These trusty hormones have guided us through puberty, relationships, and childbirth, but now it feels like they're playing hooky when we need them most. It's like trying to juggle without all the balls!

If you find yourself drowning in uncomfortable symptoms without a life vest, Peri 2 Post Menopause Coach is here to guide you. We can help you collaborate with your doctors to tackle those symptoms head-on or provide coaching tailored to your needs. Our approach covers mindset, nutrition, and movement because long-lasting success requires a bit of everything.

Menopause isn't just about hormones - it's about sleep, strength, mental health, and finding balance in a world that never seems to slow down. Let's work together to rewrite this chapter of your life!.

 NEW Menopause Makeover  2.0 
Launches this fall!

Our Menopause Makeover gets its own makeover with new and exciting features and updated content..
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Menoapplause from
Menopause Makeover  1.0

I just completed Heather’s peri2 post menopause makeover. I have to say I was astonished at how much I did not know regarding menopause. I am soon to be 71 and I believed my lack of sleep, weight gain and general lack of energy was due to my age. I did not realize ( as Heather explained ) that menopause lasts throughout your lifetime. Let me just say that Heather is one knowledgeable educator. The information for the challenge was presented in weekly modules which was an easy to digest delivery method. There is a ton of great information that I can go back and review when I choose to. Heather was always available should any questions or concerns arise. The reason I am writing this review today is because I respect and admire Heather so much. She is always learning and teaching and I appreciate her calm and informative style. Thank you Heather for a very worthwhile challenge! - Nancy 2022”

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